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Heading out (but not forever!)

Ok, just in case anyone will miss me...I'm headed abroad in the next couple of days, and will be gone until the end of August. I should have some internet access between now and then, it's just a question of how much/how often/how expensive that access will be, so I might not be around all that much. Basically, if you need me, just be patient and I will show up eventually.

Have fun while I'm gone :)

Cosplay and ideas

So, two things to discuss tonight! The first: cosplay.

Is it a big deal in any of your fandoms? Have you ever done it? If so, who/what did you cosplay? If not, do you want to do it?

Come to think of it, is it even called "cosplay" in all fandoms?

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The second topic: community ideas. I feel like we need more stuff in the community interests, so if you know of anything else that can/should be added let me know. Also, if there's anything you want to talk about, let me know that too (or make a post about it!)


Another aspect of fandom that has a shady reputation.  Roleplaying.  Do you do it? Have you done it?  Will you admit it in public? ;)

There are a lot of RPG comms on livejournal, but I've never gotten involved this way.  I find it hard to have the pressure of writing well without the immediate feedback that chatting provides.  I have roleplayed on mIRC with a group of people for over 5 years now.  A small core group of us is still there, with a few others coming and going.  It's fun, it's a creative way to do something totally different with the characters. And yes, it's smutty and provides instant gratification ^_^

A question!

astraea_trepe's post about yaoi and slash reminded me of something. Like she says, FF.n has (at least to me) lost the luster it used to have. I'm not really sure why or what happened, but it has gone downhill in the last few years. Now, there are lots of good fandom-specific fanfic sites out there (like Fiction Alley for Harry Potter), but one of the good things about FF.n in my eyes has always been that it accepts fic from damn near every fandom out there. It's about the only place where I can read and share fic in all of my fandoms without having to leave the site or create Account Eleventy-billion. It's nice to read a good story in one fandom and discover that the author of that fic has also written fics in one or more of my other fandoms -- makes it easier to find good stories all around.

So, have you stumbled across any good multi-fandom fanfiction sites that are better than FF.n? And what good fandom-specific sites have you stumbled across for individual fandoms or types of fandoms? Thanks!


My Story.

Yello, I'm Armand, I'm 25, a gay FtM. My current main fandoms are Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Naruto, and all things CLAMP.

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Yaoi and Slash

Slightly more serious topic.  Yaoi and slash in fanfiction. Why do you love it? Why don't you?

LJ needs a mood for "buzzing on caffiene"


okay, until we get some other suggestions, you're all stuck with Roy Mustang, sex god. *points to the left*  mwahahahaha.


Fun (I hope) post!

So, I just posted a little thing in my own journal about the fanfiction that is currently taking over my own life, and I thought it might be a good topic to get some discussion going. I don't know how many of you read and/or write fanfiction so this could very well backfire brilliantly, but I also figure that every fandom has fanfiction, so it's worth a shot.

To start, some questions:

- Do you read and/or write fanfiction?

- Which fandom(s) do you prefer, or do you read/write fanfiction in all of your fandoms?

- What got you into reading/writing fanfiction?

- What's your favorite fic ever? Or your two/three/etc. favs, if you have more than one?

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Seven Days Day One

Just a quick post to mention sevenfandomdays if you haven't already seen it.  They are organizing seven days of action in response to Strickthrough 07, starting today, June 3.


Day One: Share fandom stories.  Share with everyone by linking to the post or sharing in the comments at sevenfandomdays.  Also, they are working on an e mail to 6A/LJ staff.

I'm not necessarily going to be very involved in this every day. Some things interest me more than others.  But it will be interesting to see the results.